Sigmund Thun Klamm, Kaprun

Night tour, accross water. Kaprun City

In 1893, thanks to a wooden footpath built according to Gaßner’s plans, the gore was opened to tourism. It received its present name from the Salzburg nobleman, Sigmund, Erl of Thun (died 1898). During his first visit to the gore, he was deeply moved and uttered the sentence, ?Roaring and powerful, the waters surge past us.?

In 1934, the gore was declared a natural monument.

In 1938, the pathway yielded to the development of the valley as a source of hydroelrctric power

Spurred on by the history of the Sigmund-Thun Gore and the bordering Bürgkogel, the Society VSF-Kaprun decided on 1991, to reopen the gore to tourism.

This pathway through the Sigmund Thun Gore, the natural walk along the Klammsee Reservoir and the exhibition area of the Kaprun hydroelectric power-plant are the key elements of the Bürgkogel Klammseee Recreation Area.